5 useful skills you can learn on your own

Long gone are the days when every person was supposed to have one job and stick to it for the rest of their life. Today the world is turning away from professions and diplomas to what you are able to do. Luckily, many of the useful skills you can learn by yourself, online.

Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable skills you can teach yourself in your free time.


Coding/Website creation

This is probably the most obvious one, but it must be mentioned. Programming is one of the most valuable skills today: nearly every single business needs its own app. It is only logical that that demand for programmers is sky-high.

Thanks to the websites like Codeacademy (the most popular and absolutely free) and Lynda.com everyone with a bit of free time can master coding. Specializing even in one language — Java, Python, PHP, etc — will get you some programming gigs.


Foreign languages is a useful thing to know in your everyday life, and they are priceless for those who don’t want to be tied down in a 9-to-5 office job. Knowledge Spanish, French, Chinese or Russian will allow you to translate your skills to different environments and find new clients. The world is your oyster!

There are tons of ways to choose how to learn languages, from casual apps like DuoLingo  to podcasts to in-depth online courses. And yes, many of them are free.


Small repairs

Of course, today you don’t need to repair anything — you can call someone and they will do it for you. On the other hand, becoming a person who fixes stuff yourself is a great way to save — and even make! — some money.

If you are into DIY, repairing a bicycle stand, clearing the drain or fixing a shelf to the wall is one of the easiest skills to learn (YouTube has tutorials for just about anything), and there will always be people around you who need help with such things.

Web design

Just like every business needs an app, every person wants or needs a website. Of course, with all of the website creation tools available today everybody can create their own site, whether it is a blog, a shop or an online business card. Making it look good, on the other hand, is a harder task.

The first step to learning web design is mastering the basics of design and layout. After that you can turn to Photoshop and other apps that will take your websites’ look to the next level and learn more about HTML and PHP protocols.



Whether you want to start a small bakery, throw great dinner parties, decorate cakes or be a useful person in case of zombie apocalypse, you will need to know how to cook.

It is was possible to learn to create delicious meals on your own even before the internet, thanks to numerous cookbooks. Now there is even more information available: blogs, cooking shows and tutorials cover every little thing, even cutting onions or breaking eggs.

At the very least, even if after all you will decide that you do not want to share your newfound kitchen skills with the world, cooking will literally spice up your everyday life.