Integration of safe-deal powered by Yandex.Money as the first step for monetising skills. Better solution for safe-deal.

This payment system is a convenient tool for customers and performers who need to conduct online calculations. A secure transaction allows you to meet different people on the Unolabo platform: specialists and customers, experts and interns, window washers and owners of mansions. And the others get the money there.

How it works

  1. The customer creates an order for Unolabo.
  2. The required amount is blocked on his card.
  3. The customer and the contractor confirm that the transaction was completed.
  4. The platform gives the Cashier command to transfer the payment.
  5. The executor receives money to a wallet in Yandex.Money or a card.

Security Guarantee

All calculations are carried out on the side of the Cashier – in a secure payment service. Payment after the fact. Money will go to the executor after the transaction takes place or the customer receives the goods. Possibility to pay in one click.