Unolabo: whom is our platform beneficial to?


Due to the rapid development of technology a modern person can perform a variety of actions even staying at home. With the help of the Internet today you can buy things, order food, communicate with relatives living in another country and even work.

Freelance and outsourcing today become one of the most popular type of work. After all, it does not require daily trips to the office and keeps a person complete freedom. However all the good sides of freelancing are more understandable for young people — people aged 16 and over. But here are some nuances. After all at this age it is quite rare that someone can show off a rich work experience or the skills and knowledge required in the labor market.

Our project is precisely aimed at the younger generation of freelancers, being the most unprotected category. The decisions on the labor market are already offered by various blockchain projects. How do we stand out among them? Let’s find out.

What does Unolabo offer?

The goal of our team is creating an online employment service. This will be a project of a new generation, built on the blockchain technology with the use of smart contracts. The users will be able to perform the following actions:

  • determine which skills are the most demanded at the labor market today;
  • get new knowledge and skills allowing to get a more well-paid job. Our system has the flexibility to quickly learn the necessary knowledge for the market;
  • offer your services both on the global and local labor market.

Due to such opportunities young freelancers can immediately join the labor market and start making good money. After all usually in the beginning a low payment awaits for them.

The Unolabo console includes three elements:

  • list of users’ skills;
  • ad stream which is constantly updated with new ads;
  • the ads themselves. They contain information about the skills a person has. And users can place ads of three types: for training, for job search, for offering paid master classes. The success of the ads depends on the user’s skills ranking.

In such a way Unolabo gives an opportunity for low-skilled people to find their place in the world and become useful to the society, while also receiving decent payment for their work. Our system creates new opportunities for such workers, opening both the local and global labor market.

Service work features

The idea of lifelong learning makes the Unolabo service unique. We does not separate our users into categories based on skills and types of employment. Our system shows which skills one already has and which knowledge he can get in the future. User himself determines the type of employment. In addition he has an opportunity to work both on freelance and to find a work with a fixed monthly salary.

Use of the blockchain technology in our development along with the smart-contracts and cryptocurrency payment system allows to create a decentralized self-regulating market mechanism.

One of the most striking Unolabo features is the absence of the platform commission. Many freelance services today, because of the centralized structure of their work, charge up to 15% of commissions for the system use. At the same time cooperation with them is not protected against losses and theft of personal data, as well as against system failures.

Due to the blockchain and Ethereum smart-contracts we can guarantee 100% transaction security for the system users. Our development has the following advantages:

  • the absence of the commission that used to be 2% (in case of competing projects, the commission reaches 15%). As a result, there are zero transaction costs;
  • the use of smart-contracts guarantees the fulfillment of the contract terms by the participants concluding it;
  • all transactions (P2P type) being completed in the system receive a hash and are accumulated in the blockchain. As a result all data on the amount, number of transactions made and the date of their execution are stored in the blocks.

Also in our system there is a rating of users working on the blockchain base. Due to the acquired skills freelancers improve their rating, which expands their capabilities within the service. For example, they can participate in the resolution of disputed situations, receiving a reward for it.

From a technical point of view Unolabo is a global database containing information about people’s professional skills. Access to this data can be obtained through any smartphone, which makes our system as accessible to users as possible.

According to its functionality and capabilities Unolabo can be called a freelance platform where the user can act both as a performer and a customer. Thus people interacting with our system can simultaneously get new skills and work. This is what gives our development flexibility and relevance.

What we can impress with

Many of the blockchain projects launching the token sale can not show the real results. We are testing the beta-version of our system before the token sale ends. Also we step aside of the 2% commission. Such a step will allow us to become an even more decentralized system and attract more potential users.

In addition our service will provide experts who become users with a high rating, the ability to resolve contentious situations arising between users. People will be rewarded for participating in the conflict resolution. We consider such remuneration as an incentive for experts to resolve the dispute fairly.

As you can see, we have approached the token sale being more prepared than most other blockchain startups. We have already something to show at the start to prove our professionalism and serious intentions.


The Unolabo service is an excellent tool for young freelancers, allowing them to find for themselves the best well-paid work with the possibility for further training directly on our platform. Working with us you will earn more and become more skillful.