The token sale has already started: what should you know about the UNLB token advantages


On Monday, November 27, the Pre-Sale of our project has started, so let’s learn more about our UNLB token. What it is and how it will work in the Skillmarket ecosystem. But first, let’s briefly go through our concept to better understand features and benefits of UNLB.

Unolabo Skillmarket: what is it and what for

Unolabo Skillmarket is a service that allows a user not only to find the best work for himself but also to always stay in demand on the international labor market.

Our team creates a global ecosystem designed for self-employed people who want and seek for the continuous development of their professional skills. Using our development, people will be able to monetize their services, as well as teach other system users.

The platform is based on the technology of self-executing “smart” contracts. Transactions performed between the network users will be carried out with them. Also, our system is provided with a rating allowing decentralized storage of the results of conducted transactions between the contract participants.

Our development will ensure the users interaction with private pension funds, credit organizations and insurance companies. This will allow people to effectively solve the most diverse issues related to the performance of professional activities.

An integral part of our system is the UNLB token. Let’s figure its role in the created ecosystem.

The UNLB token — what is it?

In our system token, first of all, will be used as an internal universal currency. With it, you can pay for the services, which are included in the platform functionality.

UNLB is a digital “coin”, which is designed according to the ERC20 standard of the Ethereum system. We are planning on releasing our own payment system with the issue of an electronic payment card that will support the UNLB token. During the platform development and implementation, it will be possible to link such world popular payment systems as MasterCard, VISA, JCB, UnionPay, and Amex.

The following factors influence the value growth rate of our token:

  • number of platform users;
  • frequency of user transactions;
  • average check of ongoing transactions in the system;
  • demand for a token both inside the network itself and on the crypto exchanges.

It should be noted that on our platform users will have an opportunity to use the Unolabo MotiVa program. It is a loyalty program for partners, as well as a system for calculating rewards that a user receives for his professional growth.

In case of people getting new skills, arbitration of disputable issues in transactions and also with successful contract executions, the Unolabo MotiVa system will charge bonuses in the form of UNLB tokens. Received bonuses users will be able to spend on the purchase of medical insurance, air tickets, professional master classes, discounts on licensed software or working tools, soft loans and much more.

Where can you get UNLB tokens? They can be purchased during our token sale, which is already ongoing. At the Pre-Sale stage, its participants will be able to get profitable bonuses.

What do you need to know about the Unolabo Pre-Sale

The preliminary token sale of our UNLB tokens will be held from November 27 to January 18. Our team offers bonuses to its participants, the size of which depends on the time frame:

  • November 27 — the first day (1 ETH = 800 UNLB) — the bonus size will be 60% for each digital “coin” you buy;
  • November 28 — the second day (1 ETH = 750 UNLB) — the bonus size will already be 50%;
  • in the period from November 29 to December 14 (1 ETH = 650 UNLB) — the token sale participants can count on 30% bonus;
  • in the period from December 15 to January 10 (1 ETH = 575 UNLB) — offers a bonus of 15%;
  • at the final stage of the Pre-Sale, which will take place from January 10 to 18 (1 ETH = 537.5 UNLB) — the bonus will be only 7.5%.

The next stage of the token sale will be held from January 25 to March 15. The cost of 500 UNLB in the ICO period will be 1 ETH. The ICO will issue 36,647,839 UNLB.

All the tokens issued in the system will be distributed as follows:

  • 65% — sale;
  • 15% — ecosystem and Unolabo MotiVa;
  • 12% — teem and founders ;
  • 5% — bounty and referrals;
  • 3% — early backers.


Our project offers people a unique opportunity to not only quickly and efficiently find a remote job, but also constantly improve their skills and gain new knowledge, while remaining in demand in the labor market. This is very important since today there is a cybernation of society leading to reformatting the labor market and the “extinction” of a number of professions.

The UNLB tokens, which are an integral part of our platform, allows users to gain new knowledge and work on more favorable terms.

Let’s build a new paradigm of relations in the international labor market together!