The blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to solve the freelance-industry problems


Freelance is already one of the most common work formats. It is possible due to the implementation of the high-speed Internet and new financial technologies.

But, despite a ton of advantages, today freelance faces a couple of serious problems. Solving them is possible by the implementing of the distributed registries technology or simply blockchain into the industry, which will expand the monetization possibilities for any assets, including an experience and knowledge.

Our development Unolabo Skillmarket will free the industry from its shortcomings while also opening up new possibilities for the freelancers. Both blockchain and digital tokens will help us to create a new freelance-industry format.

The freelance-industry features and its problems

Today freelance provides us with almost endless possibilities. Due to the almost universal spreading of the Internet one can work for a major international organization without even leaving his apartments. All you need is a computer and the Internet.

But it is not all about the remote work only. Freelance also includes offline-work, seasonal work. Although the outsourcers will have the most advantages indeed. As a result of an active society cybernation, new jobs will appear, which could be performed fully in a remote format.

Why does freelance attract people? The reason is in the following advantages:

  • free work schedule;
  • there is no need going to the office;
  • the ability to earn more than the average for the living region;
  • the possibility of simultaneous participation in several interesting and advanced projects;
  • the opportunity to enhance your professionalism through the implementation of more complex tasks;
  • you can easily find a job abroad.

Although, despite the listed advantages, the freelance-industry has its own undeniable cons, which slows down its development. Such negative aspects include:

  • risk to not get paid for the work done;
  • the possibility of conflict situations with a customer regarding the quality and timing of the work performed. For example, a customer gave an unclear TOR, so the work is not 100% meet his requirements;
  • tedious search for customers and performers;
  • opaque pricing;
  • lack of trust between a customer and a performer;
  • it is not always possible to officially formalize a labor activity and a pension. It is caused by both the lack of a legal regulation of the freelancer’s activities at the state level, as well as the customer’s unwillingness to sign contracts when a freelancer performs certain activities in order not to pay taxes.

Implementing blockchain and the cryptocurrency use will open up an opportunity to solve the problems in this sphere.

Blockchain to the rescue

As a relatively young technology, blockchain is very much in demand today, as it allows eliminating the intermediary and offering a faster and more unified way of payment.

It is a decentralized system in which all performed transactions are stored in the blocks and are confirmed by the entire community. And with the use of a special cryptographic coding technology, outside hacking of blocks is impossible and useless — after the hacking, it will be necessary to rewrite the transaction history for the entire history of a particular cryptocurrency. It is technically quite difficult to do. As a result, the technology protects people from scams, spam and fake orders.

The growing popularity of the cryptocurrencies led to the fact that Bitcoin and altcoins are already used in the transactions as payments. Bitcoin is de facto acknowledged even in the US, where they allowed the release of the futures with the cryptocurrency as a collateral.

And the freelancers are the ones who more frequently prefer to take a payment in tokens. It can be explained not only by the transactions convenience but also by the growth in the cost of the digital assets. The chance is great that the payment received in the cryptocurrency will double in a few months, while the traditional currencies can only devalue. That is why getting a fee and keeping it on an account one can get quite a profit in a matter of a couple weeks.

One more advantage of blockchain is smart-contracts. They prescribe the contract terms between the participants. In case of freelance in self-executing contracts, the TOR parameters and the remuneration amount for the work performed are indicated. As a result, the system automatically pays the freelancer money (tokens) for the work, which exactly corresponds to the condition stated in a smart-contract.

In such a way blockchain and smart-contract solve the mistrust between the participants, bringing confidence into the sphere and eliminating the risk of interaction with scammers.

Why is it beneficial working through Unolabo Skillmarket

Now there is a number of platforms in the Net designed for the freelancers. But we have created an innovative product — Unolabo Skillmarket. Our development is based on the blockchain and smart-contract technologies, that’s why its users will get an opportunity to search for a remote work all around the world on the principles of decentralization, transparency combined with the security of the transactions performed in it. As a universal payment currency here is used UNLB token.

Moreover, the platform has the built-in freelancer rating. All the information on the system users (their portfolios, experience acquired, etc.) is saved in blockchain and cannot be corrected. Customers using this rating can search for the performers faster and more efficient, making correct and accurate decisions, useful for business.

The most important advantage of the Unolabo Skillmarket platform is the possibility of additional training in order to gain new skills and knowledge. This opportunity will allow freelancers a constant improvement as professionals in their branch and monetizing their knowledge by training others.

Also, our development allows people to determine the most demanded professions both on the international and local labor market. As a result, the use of our development provides users with maximum job search opportunities and allows them to remain demanded professionals even in a rapidly changing world!