To labor migrants for the record: how can Unolabo make life better


Labor migration is one of the global labor market important components. Its significance for the world economy is difficult to overestimate. However, the interpretation of this phenomenon and the attitude towards it is very different, and the way ahead of an ordinary migrant is not at all easy.

How can Unolabo help a labor migrant and how can our Skillmarket bring the foreigner employment process to a new level? Let’s find out.

Labor migration today

Here in Unolabo, we believe that a properly structured international labor exchange process is the way to universal benefit. To understand this better, let’s take a look at what global labor migration represents today, and what are the main centers of attraction for foreign labor.

It is an open secret that the main consumers of migrant labor are regions with a high living standard and a developed economy. So the USA, Canada and Western Europe (EU countries) remain one of the main objects of attention for labor migrants. Nevertheless, the most prosperous Asian cities are now also in the trend.

According to the United States Census Bureau, just in the past decade, 10.5 million migrants have arrived in the United States. And this is the number of legal visitors only.

At the same time, Statistics Canada made a forecast that by 2031 almost half of the working-age population will be of the foreign origin.

Among other centers of attraction, it is important to single out the Persian Gulf. In the countries of this region, there is the largest share of immigrants from the total workforce is recorded. The Qatar branch of Georgetown University estimated that in Qatar this figure is 92%, the UAE — 89%, Kuwait — 86%, Oman — 70%, Bahrain — 51%, Saudi Arabia — 25–30%.

At the same time, the information brought by the International Labor Organization shows that in the neighboring countries the highest share of the economically active part of the population working abroad is achieved: Yemen — 7.3%, Egypt — 5.2%, Turkey — 4.3%, Pakistan — 3.8% of the total population.

It means the migratory flows of the working-age population are sufficiently understandable and justified. And what do the foreign labor resources bring to recipient countries?

The labor migration benefits

Despite the acrimonious debates around the labor migration issues in the world, a number of researchers show that the recipient countries themselves receive significant benefits from the new labor flows.

For example, in such a way they achieve an increase in competitiveness, productivity, production growth is ensured by additional demand for goods from foreign workers, and so on.

And the facts prove it. For example, in this regard, the research on labor migration in the UK by the University College London and the Center for Research and Analysis of Migration is quite indicative.

According to them, labor migrants brought the UK 34% more funds than the state spent on them. Net profit from newcomers reached 22.1 billion pounds.

Unolabo knows how to help the migrants

As we can see, essentially the labor migration is not a negative phenomenon. The main thing is to organize the system properly and to create favorable conditions for involving the newcomers in the state’s labor process.

Although, today labor migrants and expats very often face great difficulties arriving at a foreign country. The Unolabo team sees one of its missions exactly in eliminating or at least minimizing these difficulties. So what are these difficulties?

The employment problem

The successful moving to a foreign country does not always guarantee the same successful search for work. Sometimes, despite the demand, finding a vacancy can be quite a challenge.

Dealing with this task will be much easier with Unolabo Skillmarket. Unolabo has implemented functionality for monitoring and assessing the demand for user skills in various countries all around the world.

Skillmarket will use for analyzing the data on the number of all types of ads and search requests, as well as the data on the number of transactions performed on the platform around the world.

Due to this, our platform user will be able to monitor and determine in real time in which countries the demand for his skills is the most beneficial to him. In such a way an expat will be able to adjust his plans for moving in advance so that he can quickly find a job in his new place.

The problem of the employer’s conscientiousness

Very often, labor migrants become victims of fraudulent schemes of unscrupulous employers who refuse to fully pay their earnings or simply leave without giving any payment at all.

Moreover, often a migrant, afraid of losing his job, becomes a hostage to the situation and has to put up with the machinations of an unclean employer.

In Unolabo Skillmarket all transactions between an employer and a performer will be executed through a smart-contract. With this employers will not be able to violate pre-agreed employment terms. Such a system will significantly improve the system of labor relations with the migrant workers.

The social protection problem

Usually, a labor migrant ends up out of the recipient country social programs and eventually is left to care for himself on his own.

Specifically, in order to help migrants solve social protection issues, the Unolabo Skillmarket team sets the task of developing a smart-contract that will determine the terms of the platform participants interaction with international pension funds and insurance companies.

Of course, Unolabo Skillmarket cannot solve all problems: the prejudiced attitude of the local population, ethnic discrimination, social exclusion, etc. But there are purely professional issues that we can deal with more than successfully, and this is exactly what Unolabo intends to do.